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Dupss Dubplates and Jingles
0 (0)
custom Rate 0.00USD
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Burna Boy Ye Remix (AK) by Reinjer
custom Rate 0.00USD
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Maestro Don Dub-plate
fixed Rate 200.00USD
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Inimitable dub-plates fully custom
fixed Rate 150.00USD
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Kid Kurrup Dubplates
custom Rate 0.00USD
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Dubhub Dubplate
5.0 (1)
fixed Rate 30.00USD
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Camille's Shout outs!
custom Rate 0.00USD
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Ads for businesses, event, product
custom Rate 0.00USD
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Devyus - Money Move (Dub/Voice Over)
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custom Rate 0.00USD
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Mr Lexx Dubplates
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custom Rate 0.00USD
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Reinjer - Blessed Indeed (Afro x Reggae) Custom Dub + Drops
fixed Rate 100.00USD
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custom Rate 0.00USD
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Foota Hype Hails Alkaline

Source: Dancehall Magazine Veteran selector Foota Hype finally has something good to say about Champion Boy Alkaline, after learning that he had donated $1 million to the Jamaica Society for the Blind via his company, New Era Productions. “Alkaline. Alkaline big…

Masicka Preps New Album, As ‘438’ Hits 100 Million Streams

Source: Dancehall Magazine Dancehall star Masicka says his next album is coming soon, even as he celebrates a new milestone for his ‘438’ debut, which was released in December 2021.  According to the Leader singer, his first album has hit 100 million streams across all…

Koffee Cops Grammy Nomination

In addition to her age, the other elements that take the euphoria of 19-year-old Koffee’s Reggae Grammy nomination up a few notches are the fact that she did it on her first-ever attempt, and her submission is not a full-length album…

How are dubplates made?

When turntables and vinyl records ruled, dubplates were usually made by an artiste singing in a sound booth and the audio being cut directly into grooves on an acetate disc (called the dubplate). Today dubplates are made in a totally different…

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