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Foota Hype Hails Alkaline

Source: Dancehall Magazine

Veteran selector Foota Hype finally has something good to say about Champion Boy Alkaline, after learning that he had donated $1 million to the Jamaica Society for the Blind via his company, New Era Productions.

“Alkaline. Alkaline big up yuhself. Alkaline big up yuhself,” Foota said on his YouTube podcast on Tuesday.

“Yuh know why mi a big you up today, although mi an yuh nuh fren and although mi neva talk to yuh more dan di one time… yuh do suppm weh it warrant fi yuh get a big up. When yuh do wrong ting, wi beat yuh; wi flog yuh like a slave.”

“Me appreciate seh you teck a million dollar outa your pocket and give away to an organization inna Jamaica weh need help. Mi rate dat. Whole heap a artiste meck money and dem not even give $100,000 to nuttn, much less a million dolla… People, wi haffi respect when people do good deeds. Wi caan beat dem alone… Wi haffi respect weh him do, as one a di young yute dem weh teck a million dollar outta him income and give it to a worthy cause. Mi have to respect dat. Mi nuh care weh nobaddy waan seh,” Foota added.

Noting that Alkaline had set a prime example for other artists to follow, Foota said he was happy to see that the After All artist had undertaken a worthy cause, and had not taken the path of stingy artists and many other young men with wealth.

“People wi haffi learn fi start send good things viral…. And more artiste fi falla suit and dweet,” he said.

“Some man woulda waan gi weh a million dalla fi a gyal guh pon har head, skin out, flick out har bress, gwaan wid a bag a suppm. Him coulda have one show challenge… most artiste not giving away a million dalla cash, I guarantee you. Yuh have artiste wid money weh can dweet and dem naw dweet. Is a good deed him do,” he said.

In 2014, Alkaline had dissed Foota, and Bounty Killer, in the song Anywhere We Go after the two commented on his image and lyrical content.

In his podcast on Tuesday, Foota noted that he had some time ago declared that he would not call Alkaline by name, but that he had to renege on his pledge, by virtue of the artist’s contribution.

“Usually mi nuh talk bout dah artiste yah. Caw memba dah artiste yah and mi nuh good. Memba dah artiste yah claim seh him hate mi from before him buss, when mi bun him out when him black him eye and bag a tings,” Foota said. “Mi did seh mi wi neva call back him name pon one a mi Live dem, because when mi call dem name and di story dem guh viral, dem don’t appreciate it. And dem gwaan like a hot dem hot mek dem gone viral.”

“Alkaline, whether him di out fi get street cred or props it does not matter,” he added, in response to viewer, who made a negative comment about the Vendetta boss.

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