How are dubplates made?

When turntables and vinyl records ruled, dubplates were usually made by an artiste singing in a sound booth and the audio being cut directly into grooves on an acetate disc (called the dubplate). Today dubplates are made in a totally different way. Today most Djs no longer use bulky vinyl discs so the way a dubplate is made, stored and played contrasts yesteryear. To say the least artistes back then had to be skilled in order do a customized song in one take, because that’s all you had, no pro-tools no “pick-up” no cut and paste unless you would literally cut the tape and join it back. But i will leave that for another answer. On the flip side, today they can make as many mistakes and even do the song in pieces on different days to form one dub, then store it on a flash drive and play it from a laptop.
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